interference interception

interference interceptionThe problem
In the world of electron microscopes a well-known issue is Electro-Magnetic Interference, in the form of stray magnetic fields. A few milliGauss can fully destroy a microscope’s resolution. For this kind of interference increased microscope performance goes with increased sensitivity, and this correlates with increased risk of inefficient investment.

The common approach
Stray fields are surrounded by a cloud of mystery, and are therefore normally taken for granted. Pre-installation site qualification is a valuable help to evaluate the risk, but is unable to alter it. Field cancellation is about the only option to reduce excessive fields, but has its limitations. Requiring the maximum performance of the instrument can lead to the difficult decision of moving the instrument to an alternative location, which is often an expensive and uncertain option.

interference interceptionOur method
Zeroflux fights the root cause, not the symptom. Zeroflux has proven to be able to pinpoint and to remove the real sources of stray magnetic fields. By doing this, Zeroflux has added a new and attractive option to the list. The knowledge of the sources enables Zeroflux to present solutions which, when implemented correctly, permanently reduce the stray fields in a building, and to a surprisingly low level.

When consulted from the early stage of planning a new building, Zeroflux even claims to be able to fully avoid powerline related magnetic fields.